Our History


From a print publication to the most official and up-to-date online platform for international development opportunities.


The United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) launched United Nations Development Business (UNDB) in 1978 with the initial support of the World Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, Caribbean Development Bank, and Inter-American Development Bank.

The aim of UNDB was – and is – to support transparency and fair global competition in the procurement market by aggregating and organizing procurement information in an easily accessible and useful manner. 



1978 - UNDB launches as a biweekly print publication

1989 - UNDB opens a liaison office at the World Bank

1999 - UNDB introduces online services

2005 - UNDB launches online platform

2012 - UNDB discontinues print publication and fully transitions to online publishing (ca. 16,000 tenders annually)

2019 - UNDB unveils new and upgraded online platform

2023 - UNDB launches enhancements and upgrades to online platform