In drought-stricken Cabo Verde, UN chief finds hope for creating sustainable oasis

The Secretary-General spent Sunday travelling through the diverse and varied landscapes of Santo Antão, where, after five years of intense drought, several development projects supported by the United Nations are helping to transform the agricultural sector of this westernmost island of Cabo Verde.
Cabo Verde beats back climate change through South-South cooperation

Cabo Verde beats back climate change through South-South cooperation

30 May 2024

The small island developing State of Cabo Verde is fighting back against climate change with support from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). 


Cabo Verde: ‘Unprecedented’ food insecurity triggers social and economic emergency

23 Jun 2022

The island nation of Cabo Verde is facing record levels of food insecurity due to drought, the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine, affecting some 181,000 people, or 32 per cent of the country, the World Food Programme (WFP) reported on Thursday. 

Cabo Verde ‘on the frontlines’ of climate crisis, says Guterres ahead of Ocean Summit

21 Jan 2023

How can a country secure a sustainable future if 99.3 per cent of its territory is water? UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Saturday arrived in Cabo Verde, the 10-island archipelago off West Africa’s Atlantic coast that is exploring innovative solutions to help answer that important question.