Environmental racism in Louisiana’s ‘Cancer Alley’, must end, say UN human rights experts

The further industrialization of so-called “Cancer Alley” in the southern United States, known for its pollution-emitting chemical plants, should be halted according to a large group of independent UN human rights experts, who on Tuesday branded it a form of “environmental racism”.  https://news.un.org/feed/view/en/story/2021/03/1086172

Deadly gas leak in India, grim wake-up call for global chemical industry: UN rights expert

14 May 2020

Last week’s deadly toxic gas leak at a Korean-owned polymer plant in south-eastern India, is a grim wake up call for the chemical industry to acknowledge and fulfil its responsibility to respect human rights, the UN independent expert who monitors the issue, said on Thursday.


UN human rights experts urge United States to ease Afghanistan assets freeze

25 Apr 2022

Alarmed by the critical humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, independent UN human rights experts called, on Monday, for the United States to end its freeze on Afghanistan’s foreign assets.

Belarus: ‘Unprecedented level of repression’ must end, say UN rights experts

30 May 2023

A large group of UN-appointed independent human rights experts on Tuesday called on the Belarusian authorities to immediately release all those being held on “spurious charges”, simply for exercising their fundamental rights to peaceful assembly, association and expression, to be released without delay.