South Sudan: political will needed to form a unified government, on the road to peace

Extending the deadline for the establishment of a unity government in South Sudan has helped maintain a ceasefire but also disillusioned many  citizens, the Security Council heard on Tuesday.

South Sudan plagued by violence and corruption, Human Rights Council hears 

23 Sep 2021

South Sudan continues to be “plagued” by violence and corruption, the Human Rights Council heard on Thursday, jeopardizing the young nation’s efforts to establish lasting peace and put it on the road towards sustainable development. 


South Sudan marks milestone amid stalled progress, spreading violence

07 Mar 2022

South Sudan’s unity government marked its two-year anniversary against a backdrop of stalled constitutional progress and ongoing cycles of community violence – often fuelled by political groups and armed militias – the senior UN official in the country told the Security Council on Monday.


Syria: Authorization to continue lifesaving cross-border aid remains in limbo

10 Jul 2020

With the deadline just hours away, the Security Council has failed on its third attempt this week to extend its authorization for lifesaving food, medicine and shelter to cross into northwest Syria from Turkey.