UN’s nuclear agency and food and agriculture wing announce key commitments to tackle global water crisis

On the penultimate day of the United Nations Water Conference, two UN agencies announced several potentially game-changing commitments that could enable countries to quickly gather data on the state of their water resources, and boost efficiency of water use for more sustainable agriculture practices.  https://news.un.org/feed/view/en/story/2023/03/1134987

World Water Day: Often overlooked, water resources are essential part of solution to climate change

22 Mar 2020

On World Water Day, the United Nations launched a flagship report that says reducing both the impacts and drivers of climate change will require major shifts in the way we use and reuse the Earth’s limited water resources. 

Advocating for sustainable water ‘gamechangers’, Kőrösi goes West

Advocating for sustainable water ‘gamechangers’, Kőrösi goes West

21 May 2023

The water challenges confronting the western United States as a result of climate change and declining water supply, are similar to those of other countries, and if the international community takes urgent action on the outcomes of the recent UN Water Conference, there could be a big payoff. 

UN Water Conference: reducing cross-border tensions

24 Mar 2023

As water scarcity and the potential for conflicts between countries over resources increase, the UN is urging more nations to sign up to the Water Convention, designed to reduce tensions and improve international cooperation.