Yemen: UN envoy outlines achievements and challenges in truce implementation

Although the UN-brokered truce between the Yemeni Government and Houthi rebels continues to hold, the key issue of road openings remains outstanding, while the country’s “humanitarian catastrophe” is set to worsen, the Security Council heard on Monday.

Yemen at ‘critical juncture’ in bid to end eight-year war: UN Special Envoy

17 Apr 2023

An expired truce still delivering positive results, and a recent mass prisoner exchange, are signs of hope in Yemen, but more work remains to end the war between the Saudi coalition-backed Government and Houthi rebels, UN Special Envoy Hans Grundberg told the Security Council on Monday. 

UN envoy reports on progress towards Yemen peace agreement

17 May 2023

Warring parties continue to make progress in efforts towards ending the nearly decade-long conflict in Yemen, though outstanding issues remain, the UN Security Council heard on Wednesday.  


UN envoy calls for extension and expansion of ‘transformational’ truce in Yemen

21 Jul 2022

The historic UN-brokered truce in Yemen has largely held for nearly four months, and Special Envoy Hans Grundberg on Thursday urged the Government and Houthi rebels to work towards renewing the “transformational” agreement, which expires on 2 August.