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FROM THE FIELD: millions at risk in Sahel, each one with a story to tell

8 November 2020

Some 13 million people in the central Sahel region of north Africa require urgent humanitarian assistance, due to violence, insecurity and extreme weather events. Behind these stark figures lie personal stories of tragedy, resilience and hope.

Myanmar’s farmers battle climate and health uncertainty

8 November 2020

For farmers in Myanmar, the COVID-19 pandemic is adding to growing unpredictability, in a sector already struggling to cope with the effects of climate change.

Climate Action Superheroes empower children to protect the planet

6 November 2020

Eight new animated characters on a mission to protect the planet, have been pressed into service by the UN to empower children worldwide and boost the drive towards sustainability by 2030. 

Long-term displacement worries for families hit hard by ‘super typhoon’ Goni

6 November 2020

The trail of devastation left by Typhoon Goni in the Philippines, runs straight through some heavily populated areas – including places where COVID-19 cases are high, and where returning migrants are concentrated - UN agencies reported on Friday.

Aid agencies call for urgent action to prevent famine in hunger hotspots

6 November 2020

People in four food insecurity “hotspots” inside Burkina Faso, northeastern Nigeria, South Sudan and Yemen, need help urgently to avoid sliding into famine, UN humanitarians said on Friday.

Six humanitarians killed in ‘obscene’ attacks in one week

6 November 2020

The UN’s top relief official has strongly condemned recent attacks on aid workers in different parts of the world, demanding that those who target humanitarians are brought to justice.

FROM THE FIELD: coping with COVID in refugee camps

5 November 2020

Physical distancing, handwashing with soap, wearing masks: these are some of the most basic, recommendations for slowing the spread of COVID-19, but for many refugees, and other displaced people, they can be very difficult to follow.

Dozens displaced in largest demolition in years in the West Bank, reports UN relief office

5 November 2020

Seventy-three people, including 41 children have been displaced after Israeli authorities demolished their homes and other structures, and destroyed belongings in the Palestinian community of Humsa Al Bqai’a in the West Bank, the UN humanitarian w

Effective disaster risk governance saves lives, UN highlights on World Tsunami Awareness Day

5 November 2020

Top UN officials have underscored the importance of continuous risk assessment and preparedness to safeguard coastal communities worldwide from the disastrous impact of tsunamis, marking World Tsunami Awareness Day on Thursday.

UN and partners express regret over US departure from Paris climate accord

4 November 2020

The UN climate change secretariat, UNFCCC, has underlined its commitment to work with stakeholders in the United States and beyond, to accelerate climate action, in line with an historic treaty on limiting global warming and curbing greenhouse gas

Super typhoon Goni: Several towns cut off; response complicated by COVID-19

3 November 2020

Super typhoon Goni has left several towns inaccessible and destroyed thousands of homes in the Philippines, the UN humanitarian wing has said, adding that relief efforts have been complicated by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Philippines: Humanitarians respond as millions caught in wake of devastating ‘super typhoon’

2 November 2020

UN agencies and humanitarian actors in the Philippines are mobilizing to support communities hit by super Typhoon Goni, which has barrelled across the country, leaving massive devastation in its wake.  

UN ‘stands ready to assist’ in Aegean Sea earthquake tragedy – Guterres

31 October 2020

Secretary-General António Guterres is saddened by the loss of life and damage caused by the powerful earthquake in the Aegean Sea on Friday. 

Sustainable urbanization critical to COVID-19 recovery, better quality of life

31 October 2020

Cities will be critical for the world to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and the worst recession for decades, according to the latest report published by UN-Habitat, the UN agency working on urban issues. 

FROM THE FIELD: Planning a route to green cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

31 October 2020

Bosnia and Herzegovina  is showing how even highly polluted cities can be transformed into well-planned, climate-resilient urban hubs.

Kenya relief bid begins to avert ‘hunger crisis’ among poor workers hit by COVID 

30 October 2020

In Kenya, a major UN-led cash and nutrition relief project is underway for informal workers facing a hunger crisis brought on by COVID-19, amidst warnings on Friday that the situation is likely even worse in many poorer countries. 

Caribbean vital to tackling COVID-19, climate change, UN chief tells regional leaders

29 October 2020

The twin crises of COVID-19 and climate change present a once in a generation opportunity for the Caribbean and its development partners to form a new alliance for inclusive, sustainable and resilient recovery, the UN Secretary-General told region

After nearly a decade away, La Niña weather system is back…

29 October 2020

Many will be familiar with El Nino – the ocean-warming phenomenon that affects global weather patterns – but how about La Niña, which is linked to cooler sea temperatures? 

Reduce risk to avert ‘era of pandemics’, experts warn in new report

29 October 2020

Unless there is a “seismic shift” in how countries collectively deal with infectious diseases, future pandemics will emerge more often, spread more rapidly, cause greater damage to the global economy and kill more people than COVID-19, internation

Millions affected as devastating typhoon strikes Viet Nam

29 October 2020

A major typhoon has struck central Viet Nam, affecting millions of people – including about 2.5 million children – in a region already reeling under the effects of severe floods, according to UN agencies in the country. 

World Cities Day: Value communities, today and for the future

29 October 2020

Top UN officials have highlighted the “extraordinary” contributions of grassroots communities in towns and cities across the world in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and urged that their unique efforts be built on, during recovery.

UN builds momentum for restoring forests as world enters key decade for ecosystems 

28 October 2020

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is leading a push for the world to scale up efforts to restore landscapes and forests over the next decade, with eyes on a target to salvage 350 million hectares of degraded and deforested lands, an a

UN chief hails Republic of Korea’s vow to achieve carbon neutrality

28 October 2020

The Republic of Korea’s pledge towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 has been hailed by UN Secretary-General António Guterres as “a very positive step in the right direction”. 

2020 Climate Action Award winners shine rays of hope

27 October 2020

In a year that has cast darkness upon many, the 2020 UN Global Climate Action Awards, announced on Tuesday, shone a light on the positive action that many across the globe are doing, to combat climate change.

Yemeni children suffer record rates of acute malnutrition, putting ‘entire generation’ at risk 

27 October 2020

Yemeni children are suffering acute malnutrition at unprecedented rates as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis grinds on and funding falls far short of what is needed to offset the effects of conflict and  economic collapse, UN agencies said in

Equality, sustainability should guide COVID-19 recovery, say governments at regional forum

27 October 2020

Countries in the Latin America and the Caribbean region have called for COVID-19 recovery to be guided by the principles of inclusive development, equality and sustainability. 

Global foreign direct investment halved amid pandemic, but China remained resilient

27 October 2020

Foreign direct investment (FDI), a bellwether of globalisation and economic confidence, fell by 49 per cent to $399 billion in the first half of 2020, amid the upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic, a new report from the UN trade and develop

Exported used cars ‘dumped’ on developing nations, driving up pollution, UN warns

26 October 2020

Used vehicles exported from richer countries are contributing to increased air pollution in developing nations and hindering efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change, according to a report published on Monday by the UN Environment Program

Africa climate change report reveals heat rising north and south, Sahel getting wetter 

26 October 2020

Africa needs to prepare better for climate change by responding to a wide range of potential risks, a multi-agency report led by the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Monday, the first in a series of continent-by-continent assessm

Climate action: UN chief encouraged by Japan’s 2050 net zero pledge 

26 October 2020

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has welcomed Japan’s announcement on Monday that it would reduce carbon emissions to zero, by 2050, as part of the global effort to slow the worldwide rise in temperatures, and prevent the most damaging effect